John B. Coldsmith e-mail

John founded the company and provides professional representation with commitment and integrity to the companies we represent, as well as a high quality of service to our customers.  John has the ability to identify potential and then persist, which enables him to turn it into profit and success.  John's years of experience and his vision for the future provide strong leadership.


J.W. Burwinkel, Jr. e-mail

Jay is a seasoned professional and a partner in C.I.E.  He is able to focus on the needs of our customers, influencing them with his ideas, concepts, theories and personal involvement.  Jay uses his planning, strategy and tactics to develop long lasting business relationships.  His years of leading team involvement and success assist in obtaining our goals and potential.


Marlene Moran e-mail

Marlene is an experienced, well-organized office administrator.  Marlene's responsibilities encompass secretarial and sales support.  She has excellent work habits and fits in well with our style of operation.


Gretchen Burwinkel-Gay e-mail

Gretchen joined us in 2002 after graduating with a B.A. from Westminster College.  Gretchen is bright, well organized and focused on helping us service our customers and grow our business.


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